1. A fan recreated the music of the TGS 2014 Final Fantasy XV Trailer [x]

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  2. Well, you know, I thought it would be nice to get some mutual interests… now that we’ve had sex… other than spitting and setting things on fire.

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  3. But, regardless… we got to play volleyball.

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  4. Pixiv Artist: 塩分過多

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  5. tofuuu-chan:

    as someone who went to schools without hierarchies… i’d probably be all happy and and say the same thing! hehehehehe! XD

  6. pizzapizzago11:


  7. Make me choose: Thanks for waking me up vs Idol world.

  8. You either clap or you die.

  9. demith501:


                    ↳Kiss ♥

  10. Sleeping Beauty Cinderella - SS501 version